Thanks To All Our Organizers, Supporters & Sponsors


Event Sponsors (2020)


 -Village Of Groton
-Groton Electric Company
-Town Of Groton
-Robert C. Dempsey Insurance
-The First National Bank of Groton
-Brittany Station
-Gary Watrous
-C & D Assembly
-Millbrooks Farm
-Neville Farm
-Carey Farm
-Doug's Trash Removal
-The Freeville Shopper
-Audrey's Beauty Bar / Audrey Aloi
-Foggy Bog Hunting Camp
-Groton Olde Home Days


  • Advertising for this event made possible by the Tompkins County Legislature through the Tourism Grant.

Thank you to our Supporters & Organizers

  • Flo Allen & Christine Brown-Personius 
  • Lee Shurtleff & The Groton Fire Dept. (Grand Parade) 
  • Groton American Legion (Band Lineup)
  • Groton Cruisers Club (Rick Neville) Car Show 

Special Thank you's

  • Chad Shurtleff & The Groton Village DPW Crew 
  • Steve & The Groton Village Electric Crew
  • Groton Fire Dept and Crew
  • Mayor Chris Neville 
  • Jim Allen & Thomas Personius
  • Village Of Groton Police Dept